Our Sustainability 

Energy Efficiency


We have a highly efficient gas boiler onsite, fed

by our high pressure gas line. 

This provides efficient energy for the site's processing and cleaning needs. 

Renewable Energy 

We have a 1 Mega Watt Solar PV Farm onsite that

at peak summer daylight times can meet all the site's

electrical needs.

Site Recycling

What we can't reuse or reduce we try to recycle, including: paper, cardboard, metal, plastics and glass. 

Part Paperless Site

With modern computer infrastructure including our own internal fibre optic network, we keep the information flowing digitally to reduce our paper use. 

Water Treatment 

We provide our own water from two boreholes. With the help of our water treatment plant, our on-site activity produces more clean water to the local environment than we take from it!

Transport Reduction

Most of our milk processing involves removal of water which means less product tankers and trucks leave our site than arrive onto it.