In the 1940s, Bob & Eileen Latham moved their farm to Knolton, where they farmed cattle, pigs, chickens and made cheese in the farmhouse. Production grew and in the1950s, Knolton Farmhouse Cheese was born. The original cheese made was Cheshire Cheese, produced​ by hand in the farmhouse into large wheels of cheese. 

The History Behind Knolton

Their son Jonathan Latham and his wife Russ then took over in 1972, expanding the cheese business outside of the farmhouse and into new production facilities on-site. Jonathan and Russ increased the range of products available and went on to provide high quality cheese to local stores and supermarkets.

Knolton Farmhouse Cheese Today

While the company is still directed by Jonathan Latham, his two sons Scott and Stuart Latham play leading roles within the company and its continued expansion. Today the company has moved away from supplying supermarkets and provides processing services to produce bulk dairy ingredients for other food producers. Our products include cheese, butter, cream, dairy concentrates and powders, all exported around the world.

The Original Knolton Farmhouse

The extended family making lemon curd

Russ Latham at Nantwich Cheese Show

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